Contacting the AUS USA Foundation

When considering a planned gift it is recommended that donors contact the Foundation’s Secretary/ Treasurer for further information. For your convenience, you may use the enquiries form at right which will send an email direct to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Foundation, or alternatively, you may use the other contacts below.

All enquiries and feedback are most welcome, and should be directed to:

Australian Universities & Schools USA Foundation
Louisa Teo
Secretary/Treasurer, AUS USA Foundation
Add: PO Box 390863, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
Tel:  617 595 6583


Individuals or organizations wishing to make a gift to the Foundation may do so online by visiting our “Online Giving” page; alternatively you may download, complete and return this Donation Form in pdf file format. It can be printed and faxed or posted as normal, or you can enter and save the information and email it to the Foundation at the click of a button.

PLEASE NOTE: The online form may only be used for cash donations. If your preference is to donate an alternative gift, such as shares or property, please download the printable donation pdf form. Here you will find a provision for donations of this type.