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Yvette Vignando
Director of Development

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Abbotsleigh is an independent K-12 Anglican school for girls that encourages each student to develop her potential by fostering her pursuit of personal and academic excellence. Our motto is tempus celerius radio fugit (time flies faster than a weaver’s shuttle). As the shuttle flies a pattern is woven, with the threads being the people, buildings and events. The pattern is Abbotsleigh as it continues to grow in complexity and richness each year.

We thank you for your gifts to the Abbotsleigh Foundation’s funds; your generosity makes a real difference to the education of many young women.


Ensuring that facilities are appropriate, safe and meet the teaching and learning needs of the school community is an important contribution to the School’s operations. Your gifts to the Building Fund reflect your commitment to the School sustaining its rich heritage and culture of excellence, while keeping in mind the need for environmental sustainability. To support the School’s investment in its new sports precinct, the Foundation committed to raising a total of $2 million over four years and is seeking gifts towards this facility for sport, dance and fitness for the benefit of current and future generations of girls.


By offering scholarships to girls who would otherwise not have the opportunity of an Abbotsleigh education, we make a very real and valuable contribution to the School’s goal of empowering young women. Gifts from donors who are passionate about the importance of investing in the education of Indigenous girls will enable the Foundation to further support the Indigenous Scholarships program. The Kathleen McCredie scholarship is part of the Scholarship Fund and supports a means tested scholarship for a girl to attend the Senior School.


The Foundation receives and manages income to support the School’s Senior and Junior School Libraries. Your gifts will be invested to provide books and other resources that contribute to the Libraries’ operations and activities, including wonderful programs such as the School’s biennial Literary Festival. Many Abbotsleigh parents and alumni are passionate about books in all their forms, about research, and about the integral role that libraries play in the education of students.