About the Australian Universities & Schools USA Foundation

The Australian Universities & Schools USA Foundation has been in existence since September 2006. The Foundation is a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation and complies with US regulations for charities. As such, donors who make gifts to the Foundation may claim them as a deduction on their US income tax return. Canadians may also be able to offset US based income on their Canadian tax return.

The Foundation is guided by the Board of Directors who, among other duties, periodically authorizes the allocation of grant awards to Australian educational institutions.

Awards take into account the “preferences” of donors to the Foundation who may nominate any one of the Foundation’s members. Through the Foundation’s grant program, all funds received are awarded to participating schools. The Board reviews grant applications and authorizes awards, typically in October and April of each year. Since the Foundation’s inception in 2006, Australian Schools have received gifts totaling $10,000,000.

Potential donors in the US and Canada learn of the Foundation through mailings, newsletters, and other materials sent to them by the affiliated institutions. Schools encourage their Alumni to give to the AUS USA Foundation.

Information about ways of giving and donation forms are found on this website. The Foundation’s Treasurer can work with donors who wish to give appreciated assets such as real property, shares of equities, and items of personal property such as art or coin collections.

The AUS USA Foundation invites additional affiliates and welcomes inquiries from institutions that are interested in becoming a member. For information, please contact the AUS USA Foundation Treasurer by email to treasurer@aususafoundation.org.


Our Vision

The Australian Universities & Schools USA Foundation was created specifically to give Alumni, friends and funding organizations a way to support educational institutions in Australia.


Our Mission

The Australian Universities & Schools USA Foundation exists to support quality education for Australian and United States educational institutions.