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The Westmead Institute for Medical Research

The Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR) is a large and vibrant multidisciplinary medical research institute focused on translational research to improve the health of Australians and people all around the world. Our aim is to liberate people globally from the burden of disease through life-changing medical research discoveries.

Pioneering Breakthroughs from the Heart of Western Sydney, NSW Australia

WIMR sits at the heart of The Westmead Research Precinct, one of the largest biomedical research hubs in the southern hemisphere. The precinct is undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation with major infrastructure investment opening up new world-class health, education and research facilities and dynamic new commercial opportunities.

At WIMR, 11 research centres are pioneering research breakthroughs to better diagnose, treat and cure some of the most serious health issues of our time; including cancer, infectious disease and immunology, heart disease, mental health and eye disease, kidney disease and metabolic diseases. Cross-collaboration is a major driver of innovation.

WIMR is home to over 400 researchers ranging from some ranked in the top 2% in the world, to 70 PhD and higher degree students. Many of our researchers are also practising clinicians. This means health issues presenting every day in Australia’s most culturally diverse community inform research directions and lead to findings of international significance. Breakthrough discoveries are also rapidly applied to improve health outcomes, with Westmead at the forefront of clinical trial activity in New South Wales.

Vision 2030 – Driving Innovation in Precision Medicine

WIMR researchers are leading the way in embedding the concept of Precision Medicine into medical research. This means focusing on investigations that will enable highly tailored solutions for every individual as standard practice in clinical treatments.

No longer a one-size-fits-all approach, Precision Medicine is the way of the future drawing on an individual’s genetic makeup, lifestyle and environment to inform decisions to improve patient outcomes. WIMR’s highly translational approach to medical research places us at the forefront in integrating Precision Medicine into clinical practice.

Investing in Talent, Technology and Time

To achieve our ambitious goals, WIMR is committed to maximising the multiple advantages that make us a logical leader in Precision Medicine. Pivotal to our success is investing in:

  • the exceptional people whose expertise, knowledge, passion and commitment will drive innovation, including our rising star next generation research leaders;
  • the cutting-edge equipment, Big Data processing capacity and high-performance infrastructure that will accelerate progress; and
  • resourcing to provide the stability and security necessary for delivery of exacting, time-intensive research programs.

WIMR researchers have an outstanding track record for attracting government funding, but community support is also essential to accelerating change. WIMR is deeply grateful to those who share our vision and whose generosity is already making a difference.

We welcome the involvement of new philanthropic supporters and work with each of our donors to determine where their contribution is best directed, to achieve the greatest possible impacts.

Medical research conducted at WIMR will transform the future of health, for generations to come.

We save lives. You can too.