St Peter’s College

St Peters, Adelaide SA 5069

Mr Mark Colley

Development Manager

+61 8 8404 0528



Established in 1847 as a leading Anglican institution, St Peter’s College, Adelaide, is one of the most prestigious schools for boys. The measure of a St Peter’s College education is that so many of our boys leave us determined to make the world a better place. St Peter’s College is unique and we have a proud and notable history of uncompromising commitment to public service.
As an all-boys’ school, we focus on the specific learning needs to build great men. Our vision is to be a world-class school where all boys flourish. Our mission is to provide an exceptional education that brings out the very best in every boy. We do this within an intellectually and spiritually rich environment that nurtures international-mindedness, intercultural understanding, respect, and a commitment to social justice.

We aspire for every boy to live with meaning and purpose in all corners of the globe and cultivate within each boy leadership and virtuousness – the highest aspirations of humankind. We guide every boy to be caring and compassionate, forgiving and honest, generous and kind, and encourage every boy to be inspirational and have integrity.

The school has literally been built on acts of great philanthropic generosity over its almost 170 year history and there are many ways in which you can choose to invest in the future of the young men at St Peter’s College:

Our priority is to create new and strengthen existing scholarships for a diversity of boys. Your support will help make St Peter’s College accessible to capable boys, regardless of circumstance.

Our Buildings
Support us to ensure that boys today and into the future have the very best teaching and learning environment that we can provide.

Our Library
Your support of the Library will ensure that students across the School have easy access to the latest online and hardcopy learning and research tools.

Our History
Celebrating the past can positively impact on the future of our boys. We have already begun to tell these stories but there is more that can be done with your support.

If you are interested in supporting another aspect of school life, such as our Wellbeing Program, growing our Endowment for future generations or making provision in your will for a gift to St Peter’s College, please contact Liz Campbell, Development Officer, on +61 8 8404 0518 or