Newington College

200 Stanmore Road,
Stanmore, NSW 2048

Department of Community & Development

Tel: +61 2 9568 9544





Newington is a Boys ELC-12 Day and Boarding School located in Stanmore in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West. Newington offers both the NSW Higher School Certificate and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programs.

The Newington Ethos

At Newington College, we have a ‘personal best’ approach towards the education of boys. We take the time to understand each boy’s needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses. We are committed to creating an environment that gives him access to great teachers, facilities and opportunities. We seek to give each boy a well-rounded education, with every opportunity to reach his personal best while at school, no matter where his interests lie. Newington is committed to preparing boys for a fulfilling life after they leave school.

The Newington College Foundation

Established in 1974, the Newington College Foundation is the organisation through which financial support for the College is directed.

The broad objective of our College’s Foundation is to anticipate and provide for the funding needs of our boys, which is over and above what is provided by school fees and government grants. Support given through donations and gifts is directed to the College through any of the Foundation’s fundraising programs:

•    Annual/Regular Giving
•    Building Fund
•    Scholarship Program (means tested)
•    Bequests (known as the Founders Society)


All gifts to Newington are applied 100% to the benefit of our boys.

The College Council established the Newington Endowment Fund, which is an ambitious program to have established by 2040 a Fund that will provide 100 full fee means tested scholarships every year.  This will mean that every year, 100 boys, whose families would not otherwise have the financial means, will have the opportunity of a Newington education.

This further entrenches our culture of social justice and will allow us to continue to embrace boys of all faiths, cultures and social demographics – a true measure of our diversity.  But we cannot do this without your generous support and the support of the whole Newington Community.  Please consider a donation to the Newington Endowment Fund to allow our vision to be a reality.

Gifts to the College’s Building Fund enhance the education of every boy as they enable us to build and maintain modern and flexible facilities.  In 2016, we constructed a new Drama Centre and Year 7 Centre.  These buildings will further add to the facilities that allow our boys’ minds to develop and grow.


A vital component of the success of the Newington Foundation is the bequests we have received from the members of the College’s Founders Society – our Bequest program.  From small beginnings, we now have over 120 members. Founded in 2010, the Founders Society invites those who include a bequest in their Will to become a member so we can recognise, honour and cherish their legacy.  It is such a powerful message to our boys and younger generations that their future is being secured by those that are reaching out beyond their lifetime.  We hope you will consider joining them.