St Joseph’s College

Mark Street, Hunters Hill NSW 2110

Fiona McQueen
Head of Philanthropy and Community Relations

Tel: 61 2 9816 0807




St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill, is one of Australia’s leading secondary schools for boys.

Founded by the Marist Brothers in 1881, Joeys is renowned for its outstanding academic, cultural and sporting achievements, its unique family spirit and links to the local and international community and rural Australia.

The college offers a broad education that draws faith, culture and life into harmony. It provides boys with the opportunity and support to strive for academic excellence and achieve their full potential in all they do. St Joseph’s endeavours to instil in boys both the capability and the desire to make a valuable contribution to the world and students are regularly involved in a range of social justice initiatives within their local communities and internationally. The college motto, In Meliora Contende – Strive for Better Things, is at the heart of the unique Joeys experience.

SJC Foundation

SJC Foundation was established in 1989 by a small group of committed Old Boys who sought to formalise the rich tradition of philanthropy that had underpinned the College since its foundation in 1881 and ensure tax-deductible status for most gifts. A growing group of Foundation members and donors share the founders’ determination to protect the ability of the College to fulfil its mission of excellence in education.

A focus for SJC Foundation is the Boys from the Bush bursary fund. From its earliest days, the education of boys from rural and remote areas of Australia has been at the core of St Joseph’s College. The Boys from the Bush bursary fund is committed to ensuring students from rural families have an opportunity to attend St Joseph’s and continue to enrich the College population.

There are many ways to give to St Joseph’s College:

Annual Giving

Make a gift to one of the seven SJC Foundation funds: Ancillary, Building, Benevolent, Education, Indigenous, Library or Scholarship.

Make regular donations

You can donate to the College through regular deductions from your source of income.

Become an SJC Partner

In 2015 the College implemented a formal, three-year partnership with a number of companies whose commitment has established the Boys from the Bush bursary fund. It is hoped in time to grow this into an endowment fund similar to SJC Indigenous Fund.

Leave a gift in your will

A bequest to the College is a generous way for you to make a lasting contribution for the benefit of future generations.

Gifts to SJC

Each gift, no matter its size or the time taken to complete it, makes an impact on the lives of Joe-boys every day. All gifts are gratefully received and will contribute to ensuring a strong future for the College and its students.