Melbourne Grammar School

355 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria 3004

Carl Junot
Head of Development

Tel: +61 3 9865 7683



Melbourne Grammar School is one of Australia’s leading schools.

We offer an exceptional education to girls and boys from Prep to Year 6 (ages 5 – 11), and to boys from Year 7 to Year 12 (ages 12 – 18). Our aim is to teach young people how to think, learn and reflect, so they may go on to lead meaningful lives in the service of humanity.

Our School is a place where the pursuit of excellence is celebrated in a culture underpinned by respect, humility, and responsibility. We welcome difference in all its forms including background, outlook and perception.

Philanthropy lies at the heart of Melbourne Grammar School’s history, success and values.

Giving to Melbourne Grammar School has an immediate impact and leaves an intergenerational legacy. We welcome philanthropic partnerships with people who wish to contribute to and share in the future success of our students, strengthen the educational experience we offer and ensure new generations can rely on even greater opportunities to be available to them in the future.

Based on the strategic intentions set out in Towards 2030, our current priorities are:

  • Access Scholarships

Giving talented and deserving students from all walks of life access to an exceptional education.

  • First Nations Scholarships

Helping First Nations students reach their potential through education.

  • Exceptional Staff

Attracting and developing skilled educators who inspire students to excel.

  • Buildings

Creating contemporary educational environments that encourage curiosity and learning.

  • Sculpture Walk

Celebrating contemporary art and its ability to inspire, provoke, and stimulate students.

  • Melbourne Grammar Future Fund

Securing the School’s future with support for priority projects and programs.

Thank you for your gift to our Funds. Your generosity makes a real difference to the education of many young people.