Brisbane Grammar School

24 Gregory Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland 4000

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Inma Beaumont​
Executive Director ‑ Advancement and Community Relations 

Tel: 61 7 3834 5212




Brisbane Grammar School has provided an outstanding education for its students for nearly 150 years. The School aspires to be an international leader in teaching and learning, offering a premium education and leadership opportunities for boys of all backgrounds. Boys are educated within an innovative learning culture producing confident men of character with the capacity to make a valuable contribution to the global community.

The qualities of all-roundedness and good character, along with scholastic achievement, have comprised the cornerstone of a BGS education throughout the School’s history. This ethos contributed towards the selection of the first recipient of a Queensland Rhodes Scholarship, and a further twenty-three since then which have been awarded to former students from the School.

The School is committed to the individual and social development of each boy. Our aim is to nurture a strong sense of service, community, leadership and loyalty. Our goal for each boy is to develop attitudes, skills and a base of knowledge as a foundation for critical intelligence and to instil enthusiasm for independent, life-long learning. ​

To achieve these goals, the School offers a stimulating academic program in which each boy is challenged to do his best, dedicated teaching staff who are committed to the School’s purpose and a disciplined and supportive environment for learning.

The history of philanthropy at BGS has had, and continues to have, a profound impact, enabling the School to sustain exceptional academic and extracurricular programs. It is evident from the history of fundraising at BGS that philanthropy is not new to our community. Much of what BGS has achieved has been made possible by those who have made an investment in past, current and future generations of boys.

We are indebted to those who have supported Brisbane Grammar School and to all those who offer their support for the future. Our students benefit directly from the generosity of the BGS Community.

BGS Endowment Scholarship Fund
Since 1869, the School has a provided scholarship and financial aid to facilitate access to a BGS education. This tradition of providing support to well-rounded students whose families could not otherwise afford an education continues today.

The Board of Trustees and the Headmaster aim to continue to provide opportunities for well-rounded students, regardless of socioeconomic background. To support this vision they have established a goal to increase the School’s Endowment Fund from the current level of $6M to $20M by the end of 2020. Achieving this goal will provide a sustainable source of revenue to facilitate fee-assisted access, providing more boys with a life changing opportunity to attend BGS.

Progressively increasing the proportion of fee-assisted places will sustain the School’s policy of diversity and open access for current and future generations.

BGS Building Fund
Donations to the BGS Building Fund facilitate the development of infrastructure that supports contemporary teaching and learning environments.

Funding for the development of a state-of-the-art STEAM precinct, which will integrate the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, will be the focus of a capital campaign in the near future. The vision the School has is to position BGS graduates to participate in emerging careers which will demand multi-disciplinary skills.

Library Fund
BGS has three library facilities, all of which provide opportunities for our boys to learn and thrive. Donations to the School’s Library Fund enable BGS to provide resources such as online access to Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Bequests – Great Hall Society
The Great Hall Society was established in 1997 to honour the generosity of those who have remembered the School with a gift in their will. It acknowledges their pivotal role in contributing to the education of future generations of BGS boys.