Monash University

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Monash University is Australia’s largest and most international university with a network of campuses, education centres and partnerships spanning the globe.

We’re a young, forward-thinking university with a global reputation for excellence in education and a focus on turning our research into real-world solutions. We’ve achieved an enviable reputation for research and teaching excellence and are consistently ranked in the world’s top 50 universities.

At Monash, the desire to make a difference informs everything we do. We go beyond good intentions – we make an impact.

Commitment to tackling the challenges of the age

Our philanthropic campaign Change It. For Future Generations. provides a clear pathway for our alumni, donors and friends – locally and internationally – to join us as we take meaningful action to tackle the global challenges of our time: mitigating the effects of climate change, supporting geopolitical security, and creating thriving and healthy communities.

  • Climate change

Climate change threatens the fabric of our planet – the quality of air, water and biodiversity that sustains us. Addressing the challenges and mitigating the consequences of climate change is an urgent priority and core focus for Monash.

  • Geopolitical security

Global stability is increasingly at risk, but through research, advocacy and leadership, we’re shaping the agenda on how to achieve security and safety on a global scale.

  • Thriving communities

We’re taking a truly multi-disciplinary and society-wide approach to foster communities that thrive, with programs that drive positive outcomes for health, economics, society and culture, both locally and globally. From healthcare to education, we’re committed to fostering thriving and healthy communities.

Global reputation for excellence in education

  • Empowering Future Leaders

Monash is a university with a global outlook and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity.  We’re committed to opening the path to university education for all students. From creating Australia’s most diverse and generous scholarship program, to accelerating translational research, our philanthropic campaign is a catalyst to create positive change in education.

Our campaign challenges us to go further, push boundaries and transform our world for the better. We have the people, the scale, the expertise and the passion to tackle the issues. But with your support, we can do so much more.